Before purchase

You are invited to try all functions in the comprehensive Software package before purchase.

The manual will appear on the desktop after installation of the software package. You can also study the start up guide here.. See the Bridgesorter library for additional documentation and instructions.

You can find a detailed technical specification here. Below you find a summary of the  technical specifications/requirements:

Dimensions: 385 x 210 x 135 mm
Weight: 6.3 kg
Power: 24V; 2.5 A.

Duplication speed <7 sec. on a fast PC.
(The actual duplication speed depends on how quickly the operator changes boards.)

260 x 104 x 12 mm
Two sets 1-32 of stickers for automatic board recognition comes with the machine.

You are advised to use cards of good quality intended for tournament bridge. Or the other way around: there is no guarantee that low quality cards with "designed" faces (odd fonts, logos and lines overlapping the indices, etc) can be duplicated with the same accuracy and speed as normal bridge cards of good quality.

The following specification is what we guarantee can give you full speed duplication without problems:

Width: 56 - 58.3 mm
Height: 86.5 - 89.3 mm
Thickness: 0.27 - 0.33 mm
See further
the card requirements doc. for details.

Dualcore min 1.6 GHz with USB 2.0
Windows 7, or later version.

The BridgeSorter comes with a unique 12 months no excuse guarantee, i.e. money back if you would not be happy with your purchase. There is also a 5 years warranty covering faulty parts and/or manufacturing. c.f.

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