After purchase

You can get instant advice by clicking on the ? button in the situation that you need help with. The Help desk is also there to give you personal advice and guidance.

Good service starts with a good and reliable design carefully assembled. This is your best guarantee that you won't need to use the 5 years warranty.

The BridgeSorter shall not be lubricated, but you are expected to blow off dust from the camera lens and the card sensors occasionally. c.f. the Maintenance part in the Quick guide.

Read this before before download/installation.

Software package for Mk III Prim (no. >500)
Quick (brief) guide
Quick start video
Complete manual

Software package for other models than Prim

Teach design video (Mk III)

See the Bridgesorter library for additional documentation and instructions.

The BridgeSorter comes with a unique 12 months no excuse guarantee, i.e. you can claim your money back, would you not be happy with your purchase.

There is also a 5 years warranty covering faulty parts and/or manufacturing. c.f.

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